VeriTrust Unique Process

VeriTrust is an industry transformer - changing the way our industry works with customers. We have developed unique intellectual capital that we use to add measureable value to our customers. With our structured unique process we create successful and satisfied customers by sharing our wisdom and intellectual capital.


We listen to understand how you measure success. Fact finding that uncovers your needs. We generate recommendations that reduce your risk, reduce your cost and increase your productivity.

Your Discovery Advantage starts the process by allowing you to describe to us what’s working, what’s not and how you measure progress over time. We interview you with our set of structured evaluation questions designed to uncover your time, space, operational, logistical, security and reporting needs. This communication allows us to provide accurate cost, time and quality recommendations to you.


People who are there on day one to insure a smooth service start. Details followed. Quality managers who implement Your Discovery Advantage.

Knowledge gained from Your Discovery Advantage evaluation provides the basis for a smooth VeriTrust service start. With Your Accustart Advantage a dedicated VeriTrust quality manager educates the VeriTrust service team prior to service start. Your VeriTrust quality manager accompanies and monitors our service professionals on the day we start service with you ensuring even the smallest detail is followed.


Your ability to leverage VeriTrust service offerings in your daily work. Rapid response with real people. Your choice of in-person or virtual services based on your urgency and your preference of how you would like to receive your information assets.

Your Precision Service can best be described as consistent VeriTrust service exactly how you want it. VeriTrust offers broad choice in how you would like to receive your records and information whether digital or physical, the speed at which you would like your records returned, self management or personalized assistance and an array of complementary services and products to build on your existing program to make your work easier.


Our in-depth visibility and knowledge capital available to help you. Manage accountability, reporting, and compliance of your information. Transparency and solutions to make your work accurate.

Your Transparent Advisor leverages our chain of custody and tracking, records and media management systems offering you tremendous transparency, accountability and reporting options. Our knowledge gained from helping hundreds of clients daily allows us to provide unique recommendations personalized to you and your individual needs.

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