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Lessons Learned from Tropical Storm Bill (2015)

Tropical Storm Bill made landfall this past Tuesday and Houstonians felt the full gamut of storm emergency hype from overreaching stories flooding Facebook feeds to a viral television news story of reporter John Fenoglio getting a surprise visit by a snake in Clear Lake, TX. At one point, Houston was predicted to receive 8-12 inches…
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How to prevent disruption of operations during an emergency

Don’t get caught off-guard when there’s an emergency. When an emergency does happen, make sure you’ve got defined protocols in place to get your business back up to speed as easy and painless as possible. This is called business continuity. This is your emergency plan (also called a disaster management plan or disaster plan). So,…
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Are lost records disrupting your business’s productivity?

Document and file piles never seem to simmer down, because, let’s face it, the busy season is year round. Some of these files may be extremely important and valuable. Some of them may be very sensitive. And some of them should probably be thrown out or shredded. So, where do you start? Far too often,…
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Protect your records and data this hurricane season

Hurricane season is here. And as always, with hurricanes comes the risk of damaged records and data. The primary natural disaster factors that can damage your information assets include water, wind, and fire. It’s important to have a Disaster Recovery Plan in place, which can take time, planning, and coordination. But there are a few…
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The Inventor of The Barcode Dies

Norman Joseph Woodland, the co-inventor of the bar code that labels nearly every product in stores and has boosted productivity in nearly every sector of commerce worldwide, has died. He was 91. Read More  
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