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Compliance and Continuity

Physician practices have responsibilities mandated by law for patient records that may extend beyond the life of the practice. So what is a retiring physician or a practice owner to do?

If you find yourself in this situation, VeriTrust can help with a customized custodial services package. We offer an easily transitioned solution for patient charts that meets medical regulations and is HIPAA compliant. VeriTrust offers our clients the following custodial services:

HIPAA Compliance Extends Beyond Retirement

A Complete and Compliant Solution For Your Medical Records

VeriTrust facilitates a seamless transfer of custodianship which allows your patients to obtain their medical records after your practice has closed. Our secure, HIPAA compliant process ensures that only authorized requestors receive records. Each requestor is responsible for the fees associated with the duplication of the chart, which are governed by Texas state law.

Upon completion of the custodianship period, VeriTrust will securely destroy records that have reached the end of their retention period in accordance with HIPAA regulations.

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