Scan on Demand

Do you need it now?

Do you need it now?

Have you experienced that immediate, vital need for information stored in an important document? During litigation and audits, records not produced in a timely manner can prove costly to your business. Easy and convenient access to your records ensures compliance and helps support your business processes.

Scanning of Archival Records

VeriTrust’s Scan on Demand service allows for the instant access of your archival records from any location at any time. This hybrid solution combines the security and affordability of records storage with the accessibility of document scanning. When a document is requested, we retrieve the hardcopy paper record from its VeriTrust Records Center location and scan it to an electronic file format of your choice. The electronic document is then uploaded to our secure digital repository or emailed to the authorized requestor.

Instant Access to Your Documents

Documents in motion tend to stay in motion. Easily accessible electronic files help support your workflow processes and eliminate the headaches of the paper shuffle. Scanned documents can even be merged into your litigation support or project management software. Scan on Demand facilitates the easy sharing of files across multiple locations and reduces the burdens of a paper intensive office.

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