Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) ECM Platform

Looking for an Electronic Content Management Solution that can be deployed quickly and without any capital expenditures?

Conveniently Store and Securely Access Your Data

Organizations are scanning their paper documents in order to have immediate access to relevant business information. However, in many cases this information is being stored on shared drives, portable media or on multiple desktops and has become a hindrance to both IT and Legal departments.

Veritrust’s SaaS ECM solution will allow for 24/7 online access to your electronic documents without additional investment in hardware, software, IT personnel or ongoing maintenance fees. When utilized with our document scanning services, and off-site records and document management services, Veritrust can enhance your existing document management strategies with a comprehensive, and cost-effective solution.

The Benefits of SaaS ECM

Our SaaS ECM solution allows you to instantaneously access and manage your corporate information easier by providing a secure repository to store, manage and retain your critical information throughout the lifecycle of your documents. Veritrust’s scalable and maintenance-free SaaS ECM frees your IT department from managing ever growing amounts of data without sacrificing information access and security. Effectively, you can convert your capital expenditures into a tax deductible operating expenses.

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