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Are your inactive records and files safe, secure and managed?
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VeriTrust manages your inactive documents

With the incredible growth of business documents, the demand to ensure almost immediate accessibility, and all this within a framework of compliance and security, managing the inactive and semi-inactive documents and files from your company becomes a huge challenge. Using an experienced records storage and management service company can provide you with the solution you need.

VeriTrust stores and manages records for financial institutions, large and small companies, law firms, accounting firms, government agencies, hospitals and medical offices.

VeriTrust protects you by minimizing the likelihood of litigation losses resulting from missing documents, leading to unfavorable audit findings, penalties and image loss. VeriTrust records protection and management services increase accuracy, reduce labor cost, improve efficiency and help you meet retention and compliance. Let us show you how we can partner with your business allowing you to leverage time, staff, knowledge and resources.

Business Records

VeriTrust recognizes the asset value of your business records and the need for high levels of information security and confidentiality. We also understand that easy, accurate and rapid access to your stored records by authorized staff is critical to operating your business

Healthcare Records

VeriTrust recognizes the value of each patient record and the need for high levels of information security, confidentiality and compliance. We also understand that easy, accurate and rapid access to your stored records by authorized staff is critical to spending more face time with patients.

Inventory & Indexing

Indexing provides you with the ability to identify and categorize all your records in a system that allows you to make requests by pre-selected keywords such as client name, case number, account code etc. This system saves you time and money, and provides you with detailed organizational structure for retrieving your files from your offsite records inventory.

Audit Compliance

Having a records management tracking system with the best reporting capabilities in the records management industry. VeriTrust may meet all reporting requirements. The box and file tracking system can provide 16 different types of standard reports, and has the capability for custom report generation.

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