Information Security

Secure destruction with VeriTrust® shredding solutions

Is Your Organization Properly Disposing of Your Corporate Data?

Regulatory changes in privacy legislation, rising instances of business and consumer information theft, and the increasing need for companies to be environmental aware: all important factors that affect how you handle, manage and dispose of your data. It goes without saying, information assets comprised of documents and files and digital media and hardware can easily become a liability if not properly and securely disposed of.

Minimizing Your Risk and Liability

With the media spotlight firmly focused on instances of corporate malfeasance, you understand how important it is to limit your exposure to risk. At VeriTrust we share your concern about the security and privacy of your vital information assets at the end of their lifecycle. Our shredding and destruction services provide the foundation for a sound corporate information security program.
VeriTrust offers the following shredding and destruction services to support your ongoing security and privacy requirements:

Document and Paper Shredding

Media Destruction

Hardware Destruction

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