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Exceptionally High Standards under the VeriTrust® Media Protection Program

Do You Have a Plan In Place to Protect Your Data?

Computer systems are only as secure as the plans put in place to protect them. Hard drive malfunctions, computer viruses, fire, and human error can easily compromise your data. The best protection from such disasters is to have multiple redundancies of data, including at least one copy stored in an alternate location.

You Should Expect High Standards For Your Data Protections Needs

VeriTrust incorporates a combination of expert technology, best in class facilities and comprehensive knowledge of IT systems to protect our clients’ information assets. We understand that true data protection takes into consideration security, compliance and accessibility. As a result, you can be assured that your backup up strategy is not only supported but enhanced.
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Media Management

Properly managing your media remediates downtime from disaster and ensures compliance. VeriTrust’s media management services guarantee that your media assets are readily accessible, accurately tracked, and supported by a verifiable audit trail.

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Secure Online Backup

VeriTrust’s secure online backup solution protects all your mission critical information. Whether your data is located on desktops, laptops or servers, we ensure efficient, regular backup and reliable data restoration for your organization.

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Peripheral Services

Along with backup and media management services, VeriTrust provides a complete suite of data protection and media support services for you and your business.

Media Protection Products

VeriTrust utilizes a consultative approach for each of our clients. As IT specialists, we can recommend and implement media production products tailored to your organizations needs.

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