Media Management

If You’re Worried About Your Media, It May Help to Know We Are Too.
Media tape management at VeriTrust

We worry so you don’t have to.

Do You Know Where Your Critical Backup Media Is?

Secure media storage is just one piece of a comprehensive data protection plan. The management your critical data is an equally important component. In the event of circumstances requiring an emergency restore, you need access to your media immediately.

We Manage Your Media Assets for You

VeriTrust manages a multitude of media assets for clients throughout Texas. The daily movement of thousands of volumes of tapes in and out of our vaults is supported by systems and processes to support error-free tracking and accessibility. Whether purely archival or actively rotated media, you have the confidence that your data is available at a moment’s notice to support your recovery and compliance needs.

To learn more about the media management systems VeriTrust employs to ensure worry free confidence, please explore and read the information below.


All items are bar-coded and scanned in, allowing for real time monitoring of your media. VeriTrust uses the TapeTrack® media management system which allows you to track media keeping your current barcode system. We can also customize barcodes to match your specific rotation system and allow full visibility and understanding of what is kept offsite.

Dedicated Space

VeriTrust assigns specific space for your media within our Gemtrac® media storage drawers, allowing for great quality and maximizing DR procedures wherever applicable.  If preferred, media may also be kept in containers. If containerized, the items will not be removed and the container will not be opened at our facility.

Real Time Location Tracking

Through VeriTrust TapeTrack® media management system you can know specifically where in our data center your media is located. This information is specified down to the volume level, providing information of both drawer and slot allocation.

Automated Return Date Management

Through VeriTrust TapeTrack® media management system you can view, manage, and automate return dates for your specific media. Management rules specific to your rotation may be created in order to simplify the date management method. The system can also connect to the particular Tape Management System (TMS) you currently use to manage your media library and import return dates and other information, allowing you to maximize time and quality.

Client Side Scanning & Management

VeriTrust provides you with a component of the TapeTrack® media management software that allows you to specify the media being sent offsite, to request media, manage return dates and overall allow you to have full chain of custody of your media assets.

Backup Software Integration

VeriTrust offers the option of import software that provides direct synchronization between any Tape Management System (TMS) and the TapeTrack® Framework. Your specific generated text file is integrated into a particular script that can be customized to meet your particular rotation needs.

Audit Reporting

VeriTrust media management software allows you to request complete history reports containing detailed movement and activity information on your media rotation from the original date to present. These reports meet the rigorous specifications to remain in compliance with laws such as Sarbanes Oxley (SOX).

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