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When it comes to full chain of custody, you want the best in service standards
Scanning media tapes at VeriTrust

Scanning media barcodes during delivery process

The seamless and secure movement of rotational media between your enterprise’s location and an offsite vault is key to a successful backup strategy. VeriTrust’s professional couriers understand the value of your data and are trained in secure delivery to ensure thorough and complete chain of custody.

Trained and Screened Data Protection Couriers

We only deliver your media to designated authorized personnel at your company. Each VeriTrust courier is equipped with a mobile device which allows them to view the specific authorization level codes that verify the authority of the individual to release or receive the data. Clients are provided a signed receipt as permanent proof of delivery.

Secure and Confidential Transfer

VeriTrust meets HIPAA and SOX standards for protecting the confidentiality of our clients’ information. All information assets are unloaded indoors at our data protection facilities to protect from the elements and prying eyes. In the event of a Disaster Recovery, actual or simulated, our relationships with hot-sites and aviation companies ensure efficient and expedited data transfers.

Unmarked, GPS Monitored Delivery Vehicles

VeriTrust utilizes a fleet of unmarked, fully alarmed, GPS tracked vehicles that are specially configured to protect client information during the transfer process. We pick up and deliver directly from your facility or hot-site.

Sealed and Secured Containers

For each transfer, your data is placed in our solid steel or double wall turtle transportation containers to protect from physical and thermal shock. These containers provide extra security during movement and come in various sizes specific to your media needs. All containers are secured either by a numbered seal or a solid steel padlock and do not contain identifiable client information. A four-letter code allows for easy tracking while maintaining privacy and protection.

Efficient Barcode Tracking

All items are bar-coded and scanned, allowing for real time monitoring of your media. VeriTrust uses the TapeTrack® media management system which allows you to track media while keeping your current barcode system. We can also customize barcodes to match your specific rotation system and allow for full visibility and understanding of your offsite inventory.

Return Date Management

Through VeriTrust’s TapeTrack® media management system you can view, manage, and automate return dates for your specific media. You can even create management rules specific to your rotation in order to simplify and adjust your schedule. TapeTrack® can also connect to the particular Tape Management System (TMS) you currently use to manage your media library and import return dates and other information, thus allowing you to maximize time and productivity.

Client Software

VeriTrust provides our clients with a component of the TapeTrack® media management software that allows you to specify media being sent offsite, request tapes, and manage return dates, enabling full chain of custody of your information assets. We also offer the purchase of product licenses for TapeTrack® components that allow you to completely organize and track your internal tape library and enable synchronization of data sent offsite.

Call us to schedule a software demo and learn how your data center needs can be easily met.

Automatic Client Integration

VeriTrust offers the option of import software that provides direct synchronization between any Tape Management System (TMS) and the TapeTrack® framework. Your specific generated text file is integrated into a particular script that can be customized to meet your particular rotation needs.

Audit Reporting

VeriTrust media management software allows you to request complete history reports which contain detailed movement and activity information on your media rotation from the original date to present. These reports meet the rigorous specifications necessary for compliance with laws such as Sarbanes Oxley (SOX).

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