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When It Comes To Media Storage Options, VeriTrust Has Them

Custom Media Storage Options to Meet Your Data Protection Needs

Media tape storage at VeriTrust

Slotted individual media storage

With clients comprising a wide range of industries, VeriTrust understands that each organization has unique backup needs. Taking into consideration the size and type of your media along with the type of backup strategy you utilize, we build a custom data storage solution to meet your organization’s requirements.

Slotted Storage

VeriTrust offers individual slot storage in our specially designed GemTrac drawers. These drawers are enclosed and protect media from light and dust. Additionally, slot storage enables you to keep track of individual media volumes and can easily be tracked by our TapeTrack® media management system.

Container Storage

VeriTrust also tracks media housed in closed containers. Based on client preference, the media within containers can either be individually scanned and tracked by our TapeTrack® media management system, or remain locked, unopened and tracked in the system at the container level.

Microfilm and Cabinets

VeriTrust offers our clients microfilm and contract cabinet storage within our vault. A strictly monitored and regulated environment allows for the long term preservation of these media formats. The information remains locked within the cabinet and the authorized client representative is allowed access to these records whenever required.

Specialty Cage Space

Container storage

Container media storage in the Vault

For clients requiring storage of special assets such as servers or other sensitive materials, VeriTrust provides a designated locked cage area within our vault. This specialty storage option affords the highest protection available for high value information assets.

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