Error Free Media Management

TapeTrack lifecycle of a tape at VeriTrust
The physical movement of business critical and sensitive offline backup media has traditionally required error prone manual tracking as tape rotations move between tape drive, system, onsite library and offsite vaults. Unfortunately, any manual process is open to human error which can result in lost media. VeriTrust’s TapeTrack® media management system automates the media management process by providing real time location tracking of your backup media to and from our offsite data storage vault.

In addition to being used to manage VeriTrust’s vault, TapeTrack® is a comprehensive solution used by IT departments and corporate data centers to provide audit grade historical information, error free library management and media tracking. Our Data Protection specialists can configure TapeTrack® to model your physical or virtual business locations and processes.

Integration with Your Backup System

TapeTrack® allows for real time tracking of your media from initialization, integration and synchronization of your backup system. Running on UNIX, Solaris, or Windows, TapeTrack® integrates either by command line or the TapeTrack® import client with any tape management system that can provide a feed:

  • StorageTek – ACSLS
  • Veritas – NetBackup
  • IBM – Tivoli Storage Manager, RMM, BRMS
  • Computer Associates – BrightStor, CA-1, and ArcServ
  • BakBone – NetVaultHP
  • Legato Networker

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