A mid-tier upstream energy company divested a block of operating assets. As part of the sale, there was a requirement to provide the original paper copies of the operational files. There were only original files in existence, and the company needed a digital copy to archive within their electronic document management solution, for any future inquiries into these assets for the period that they were owned and managed.


The company depended on their own internal document scanning department; however, due to the turnaround required for this divesture, the in-house department could not process the volume within the allocated timeframe without creating a significant backlog of their current work. The company reached out to one of their consulting companies, to seek reliable vendor recommendations for scanning/imaging services. The consulting company recommended VeriTrust, who had performed quality work in the past for the consulting company, along with the known expertise of the Veritrust team, in handling energy-related operational records.

VeriTrust Solution

After engaging in conversation with key decision-makers from the energy company, VeriTrust was able to move from the discovery phase, proof-of-concept, Master Services Agreement to full-scale production in less than one week. VeriTrust provided turn-key scanning services, including taxonomy consultation and adherence, full prep, and re-prep of documents, standard-large format, and well log scanning, along with detailed manifesting and project reporting. The project had a two-week turnaround with VeriTrust providing incremental deliveries until project completion.


As a result of the efficiency and quality of the work that was performed by Veritrust for this divesture, the energy company engaged with VeriTrust to provide additional scanning services for a backlog of internal documents that had not been scanned by the in-house scanning department. VeriTrust completed the other ECM services, within both the allocated timeline and budget.