We have solutions for many industries including healthcare, energy, legal and financial.

VeriTrust Has Many Solutions Available

Our resources and consultative approach, leave you with the most tailored and cost effective solution for your business, industry and market.


Adhering to strict government rules and regulations, when it comes to Document Management becomes more manageable through integrative solutions offered by VeriTrust. Our team of experts is well versed in Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), FACTA and other legal and corporate requirements for your industry. We will work with you to ensure your records management program is compliant.

Whether, you are a bank, investment company, brokerage firm, insurance company or credit union, VeriTrust understands the challenges you face.

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VeriTrust offers HIPAA Compliant solutions that allow your practice/medical facility to access efficient and cost-effective processes and maximize the use of your space through offsite-storage.
Your team can have broad choices on access, inventory, security and compliance reporting. Our Records Management Team will train your staff on how to best utilize available tools and provide you with valuable service options; including Secure Storage, Release of Information and Secure Destruction.

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Integrative solutions for compliant, reliable access and fast retrieval of documents. A range of services allow your firm to reduce costs and defensibly manage legal records, for all practice areas. Almost two decades of experience and consistent service quality, are offered to alleviate administrative burdens and deliver high return on investment.

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We understand the need for accurate and timely, data driven decisions and we offer integrative solutions for the Oil & Gas sector, that provide you with timely access to well log data and other records, while maintaining compliance, creating efficient and cost-effective processes and maximizing the use of your space through offsite-storage.

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