Renowned document solutions for all stages of the records management lifecycle

Introduction to Our Services

Our adaptability and consultative approach; leave you with the most tailored
and cost effective solution possible for your business, industry and market.

Business Support Services

As your facility undergoes change and transition, VeriTrust is able to provide compliant and properly trained labor resources to manage file room purges, relocations, reorganization, classification and indexing, audits/inventories, block and slides management, asset management and other projects.

You can trust our team to expertly manage your special records management projects and information assets.

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Secure Shredding Services

Regulatory changes in privacy legislation, rising instances of business and consumer information theft, and the increasing need for companies to be environmental aware: all important factors that affect how you handle, manage and dispose of your data.

Information assets comprised of documents and files and digital media and hardware can easily become a liability if not properly and securely disposed of.

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Data Protection & Vaulting Services

Computer systems are only as secure as the plans put in place to protect them. Hard drive malfunctions, computer viruses, fire, and human error can easily compromise your data.

The best protection from such disasters is to have multiple redundancies of data, including at least one copy stored in an alternate location.

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Custodian of Records Services

Physician practices have responsibilities mandated by law for patient records that may extend beyond the life of the practice. So what is a retiring physician or a practice owner to do?

If you find yourself in this situation, VeriTrust can help with a customized custodial services package.

VeriTrust offers an easily transitioned solution for patient charts that meets regulations and HIPAA compliance.

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Records Management Services

Balancing the need for immediate accessibility to your business records with compliance and security concerns is challenging.

Limited office space often results in less than optimum storage choices. Misfiling of documents leads to a loss of productivity and increased labor costs. Your staff simply may not have the space, time or knowledge to properly manage your information assets.

Our Offsite Storage Solutions provide what you need and are even more powerful in combination with other services.</strong

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Scanning & Imaging Services

As the volume of documents accelerates within your organization, Veritrust can assist in providing document scanning solutions to help facilitate document workflows, mitigate security concerns, and reclaim vital office space to reduce the cost and time associated with managing existing paper processes.

Veritrust can provide a scanning solution to solve your document management challenges, in combination with other solutions, in order to make it as tailored and cost effective as possible.

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