Expert Solutions for Active and Inactive Records and Files

Records Management Services

Professional document management at VeriTrust is a smart decision for your business to further reduce the chance of document damage, theft and data breaches.

Serving the Greater Houston Area, we strive to fully understand the workings of each individual organization.Veritrust has the expertise and knowledge that enables your business to access and securely store your records with complete confidence.

Our records storage facilities ensure the security and confidentiality of both active and inactive files, while our inventory management system enables barcode tracking and quick retrieval of your records.

Solutions to your challenges include:

  • Offsite File Storage
  • Immediate and Secure Retrieval
  • Inventory and Indexing
  • Access, Inventory, Security and Audit Reporting
  • Access to a local team, offering expertise and addressing your particular needs
  • Personalized solutions and tailored services

File Storage and Retrieval

Accessibility is fast and a priority. It means retrieving and delivering the documents you need accurately and securely. Boxes and containers stored at Veritrust’s records center are individually tracked with TR, our inventory management system. Record specific data including box description, date ranges, department, retention period and final disposition can be associated with each box or file. A secure web interface allows you to request files at any time of day.

That accessibility extends to personalized service which allows you to engage directly with our local team. It means that you will always talk with an individual at Veritrust who understands your particular records management needs.

  • Immediate
    and Secure
  • Meet Retention
    and Compliance
  • Reclaim Vital
    Office Space
  • Reduce Cost
    and Increase

We're certified and compliant

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Full Chain of Custody

Your Records Fully Tracked

  • Barcode Tracking at various levels
  • Redundant Verification Processes and Audits
  • VeriTrust Vehicles are GPS Tracked

Personalized Service

You get customized record management solutions and subject matter expertise.

  • When you call, you speak to a real live person, right away
  • Our drivers are courteous and professional
  • We work with you to develop a records management program to meet your specific needs and minimize litigation risk
  • We will help you manage destruction dates for all records, ensuring you do not store items beyond their useful lifecycle

  • File/Box Level Indexing
    Easily identify and categorize

  • Scan on Demand

    Fast and Secure Digital Access

  • Secure Online Portal
    With role-based privileges

Decide Switching to Better Service

Is your current document storage vendor falling short on service? VeriTrust provides options that allow you to easily transition out of your existing contract.

To see if you are getting the best value from your current vendor, we will conduct a free assessment to check for hidden charges and to see if there are any gaps in your inventory or compliance policy.

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Fully Compliant Records Access

Inventory and Indexing
Indexing provides you with the ability to easily identify and categorize your records. VeriTrust can create an inventory for you, or accept your existing inventory based on box descriptions and files contained within your box. Our tracking system allows you to make requests by pre-selected keywords such as client name, case number, account code, etc. We help you achieve a detailed organizational structure for retrieving your files from your offsite records inventory so that you can save time and money.

Audit Compliance
VeriTrust’s processes offer you broad choice on access, inventory, security and compliance reporting. Our records management system is equipped with superior auditing capabilities. Our Records Management Team will train your staff on how to best utilize this powerful auditing tool.

Business Support Services

We offer extended solutions for your information management needs, completed by subject-matter experts, who comply with best practices.

Service offerings include:

  • Document Purges
  • Block & Slides Management
  • Custodian of Records
  • File Room Indexing
  • Audit Inventory of Existing Records
  • Pallet Storage of Physical Equipment

Whether you are changing locations or reorganizing existing spaces, our expanded services and consultative approach provide solutions to properly and efficiently manage assets. These solutions include storage and/or destruction services which comply with industry best practices.

Contact us to discuss your particular needs.

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