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Data Protection/Vaulting Services

The VeriTrust vault is constructed, equipped and monitored for protection and long term preservation of assets. We offer our clients the highest rated fire protection storage environment for media, available in the industry.

Unique Construction

The panels of the VeriTrust vault are constructed from spun ceramic fiber capable of withstanding temperatures well above 2000°F during five hours of testing. The UL Class 125 vault door assembly is made up of both an outer vault door and an inner door. A thermal break between doors enhances data protection by increasing the barriers to migrating heat. The unique structural steel design offers 3 times the strength of a normal building construction.


The VeriTrust vault exceeds NARA standards for military, federal, state and local government protection of archives. We maintain the only UL certified fireproof vault that meets rigorous specifications of the following certifications:

NFPA 75 class 125 – four hour magnetic media
NFPA 232 class 350 – four hour rating

Advanced Climate Control

VeriTrust maintains precise offsite tape storage environmental conditions of 40% relative humidity and 68°F; which can extend media lifetime from 5 to 15 years. These conditions are closely monitored 24/7 through an environmental monitoring system.

  • State of the Art
    Vault Construction

  • Error Free Media
    Tracking System

  • Real-Time
    Location Tracking

  • Fast and Secure
    Media Access

Offsite Media Storage provides maximum protection and data security, mitigating risk and avoiding access by sophisticated hackers into cloud-based systems.

Fire Suppression System

VeriTrust’s vault is equipped with FM-200 and 3M Novec dry-gas Fire Suppression System, control panels, sensors, tank, piping and door interfaces for automatically sealing the vault in the event of a smoke or heat detection within the vault chamber.

  • Uses clean colorless environmentally-friendly gas that leaves no residue
  • The system discharges within 10 seconds to immediately extinguish a fire
  • Exceeds industry standards and is superior to conventional records management systems that use sprinklers or foam agents, which can cause irreparable damage to the very things you want to preserve

Continuous Security

Uninterrupted safety measures mitigate your risk and let you rest assured any time of the day or night.

  • 24/7 monitoring by digital surveillance cameras and alarm systems
  • All media is locked in media vault specific containers prior to shipment
  • VeriTrust Vehicles are always locked, secured and GPS Tracked

Full Chain of Custody

Your assets are carefully tracked through all stages: Pick-up, transport, delivery, storage, retrieval and removal.

  • We only deliver your media to designated authorized personnel
  • Secure chain of custody, with detailed logs
  • Every item is barcoded, scanned and fully trackable
  • Real time tracking of your media from initialization, integration and synchronization of your backup system

Convenient Access to Authorized Contacts

Inventory and Indexing

  • Same-day, next-day and 24/7 emergency pickup and delivery
  • Track your inventory via TapeTrack®
  • Every item is barcoded, scanned and fully trackable
  • Visit in person or by appointment: The vault uses a keycard access system

We're certified and compliant

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Our highly-secure data vault is ideal for storing:

Your assets are carefully tracked through all stages: Pick-up, transport, delivery, storage, retrieval and removal.

  • DLT/LTO tapes
  • Hard drives and USB flash drives
  • CDs and DVDs
  • Microfilm
  • Network drive backup tapes
  • Security camera footage
  • Critical and confidential records
  • Film, artwork and photographs
  • Other valuable items that you must protect with the highest level of integrity

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