Secure, convenient medical records management that is cost effective.

HIPAA Compliant Solutions

We understand your need to have readily available files, while keeping billing and patient information strictly confidential. A need for compliant and efficient handling of records and PHI.

VeriTrust offers solutions that allow your practice/medical facility to maintain compliance, create efficient and cost-effective processes and maximize the use of your space through offsite-storage.

With a complete healthcare information service offering, VeriTrust is able to serve:

  • National Hospital Chains
  • Surgical Centers
  • Private Practices
  • Retiring Physicians

Our staff is HIPAA trained, certified and recertified on an annual basis. Our facilities are highly secure and protected by surveillance, perimeter systems and role based card access. For additional security we operate in unmarked facilities and transport with unmarked vehicles.

  • Immediate
    and Secure
  • Meet Retention
    and Compliance
  • Reclaim Vital
    Office Space
  • Reduce Cost
    and Increase

We're certified and compliant

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Retrieve Your Files When You Need Them

With VeriTrust you never have to worry about waiting a long time to receive a document. Each records box that we store is barcoded and tracked, which enables us to easily locate and retrieve your files.

Many Access Options to Your Records

When you need a document in-hand quickly, our transportation specialists will get it to you, either via secure scan on demand, or by direct delivery to your office on the same day (rush) or the next day (standard). You can also have pre-scheduled pick-up and delivery schedules.

If you need access to many of your records at once, you can visit a viewing room at our location, where we bring you any documents that you request.

Scan On Demand 4-Hour Access to Data

Easy and convenient access to your records ensures compliance and helps support your needs and processes.

  • File/Box Level IndexingEasily identify and categorize

  • Scan on DemandFast and Secure Digital Access

  • Secure Online PortalWith role-based privileges

Already in a contract? No problem, VeriTrust provides options that allow you to easily transition out, to begin enjoying VeriTrust’s service right away. Our dedicated transition team will manage the switch.

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Scan on Demand

Scanning Of Archival Records

VeriTrust’s Scan on Demand service allows for the instant access of your archival records from any location at any time. This integrated solution combines the security and affordability of records storage with the accessibility of document scanning. When a document is requested, we retrieve the hardcopy paper record from its VeriTrust Records Center location and scan it to an electronic file format of your choice. The electronic document is then uploaded to our secure digital repository or emailed to the authorized requestor.

Instant Access To Your Documents

Documents in motion tend to stay in motion. Easily accessible electronic files help support your workflow processes and eliminate the headaches of the paper shuffle. Scan on Demand facilitates the easy sharing of files across multiple locations and reduces the burdens of a paper intensive facility.

To find out more about VeriTrust’s Scan on Demand service, contact us by phone or fill in the form on the page.

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Custodian of Record/ROI Solutions

Secure Storage
Your patient records are properly stored, processed and classified in a highly secured and HIPAA Compliant storage facility.

Release of Information
Upon request by patient or authorized requestor, medical records may be released, through proper Release of Information forms and authorization. VeriTrust has the ability to handle this process efficiently and maintaining full compliance.

Secure Destruction
Safely dispose of information and protect your business against information breach and identity theft, with secure and certified document shredding from VeriTrust. Once your patient records have met their retention cycle, VeriTrust can securely destroy paper records and properly delete electronic file data, in order to mitigate risk.

To find out more about VeriTrust’s Custodian of Record service, contact us by phone or fill in the form on the page.

  • Ability to Close Practicewith the assurance of proper records retention and destruction

  • Seamless Continuityof patient care, through compliant records access, ROI

  • Secure Destructionto mitigate risk and to meet retention requirements

Complete healthcare records management with VeriTrust

We offer extended solutions for your records management needs, completed by subject-matter experts, who comply with best practices.

  • Chain of custody tracking and protection solutions
  • Hardcopy records, chart and X-ray storage
  • Pathology blocks and slide storage
  • Records indexing, retrieval and secure delivery
  • Scanning, imaging and hosting of charts and medical records
  • Custodian of Records services
  • Fireproof vault protection and rotation of healthcare backup media
  • Online cloud backup solutions
  • Patient record and release of information services
  • Support for records related indexing, moving and boxing projects

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