About VeriTrust

If you are looking for a different kind of Information Services Company… you might have just found it.

As your critical information assets are such an integral part of your business life, letting someone else manage them is an act of courage and trust. At VeriTrust, we are an open book. We invite you to come see our facilities, take a vault and record center tour, and see our chain of custody systems in actual use. You can ask us anything and since trust is a huge part of the equation, we understand it makes sense to know your vendor before you work long term with them.

We safeguard your critical business assets and most private information while maintaining processes that allow our clients true information liquidity. Our business exists on a foundation of Trust, Honesty and Ethics.

VeriTrust performs full lifecycle information asset management providing redundant security and disaster protection, utilizing state of the art security and records tracking systems and maintaining a holistic view of our client's information assets. VeriTrust believes that businesses are unique like people and no two are the same. We offer flexible and customizable services based on your business and your individual needs.

A Company You Can Trust


VeriTrust is in the business of securing and protecting information. Our company exists based on TRUST and ETHICS. VeriTrust safeguards and makes private the most sensitive information in existence—your information. VeriTrust employs advanced and multi-layered security and fire suppression systems to protect your vital and private information. VeriTrust designs strict operational and security practices to favor client security and privacy.


VeriTrust belief is to be highly principled, lawful and socially responsible in its policies and business practices. VeriTrust principals and officers lead by example and expect employees and partners to act responsibly with utmost care and to learn and comply with all company and client policies and laws applicable to their job responsibilities.


VeriTrust vision is to provide information liquidity while safeguarding our clients core business assets, together with the vision to increase competitive advantage through strategic information asset management.


VeriTrust recognizes that strong partnerships provide strong solutions and ensures customer satisfaction. Together with our partners, VeriTrust is committed to providing customers with the best solutions and services.

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