Why VeriTrust?

Why VeriTrust? People ask us all the time,

“Why should we choose VeriTrust over all of the other alternative providers available to me?”


Can you call at any time and talk to the President of your current service provider? How about the company founders of any of your vendors?  At VeriTrust, our customers can call anytime, get direct answers, and subject matter expertise from top executives.

Love of What We Do

To give great service you have to love what you do. We love helping clients and see client successes on a daily basis. We are in the business of making your business run more smoothly and efficiently because we love what we do.

Individual Service

We also realize that while on the surface companies experience similar records and data protection needs and services, no two companies are alike. VeriTrust customizes service to each individual client as we recognize one size does not fit all.

Unique Process

VeriTrust is an intellectual capital company. Our deep knowledge comes from many years of experience, servicing thousands of individual customer situations and tens of thousands of service request annually. We have developed a trademarked process to create value and client success at every stage of our customer relationship.

Your Ongoing Success

When was the last time the President of one of your vendors visited your company to simply ask, “How can we help you be successful?” Chris Godinich, the President of VeriTrust, visits clients on a regular basis – small and large—to ask this very question.

Unique Technology

VeriTrust has also applied some wonderful technologies to allow clients to have a transparent real time view of records and data inventories, movement and locations. Web based and automated technology to free your time and to reduce the burden of managing records.


When you need your information assets there is no faster service than VeriTrust. We understand that those needs are 24 hours a day and don’t stop for weekends or holidays. VeriTrust responds with immediacy to fulfill your request and keep your business moving forward.

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