Medical Records Request

Medical Records Request at VeriTrust

Please follow the instructions on this page to obtain your medical records.

If you are here to retrieve your medical records, here is the process you must follow to obtain them.

  1. Download, print and fill in the Patient Authorization for Release of Medical Records Form in it’s entirety.
  2. You must obtain a high quality photocopy of your government issued photo ID.  That can be your drivers license or your passport information page. This must accompany the release document.
  3. You must combine your ID photocopy and the ORIGINAL signed Patient Authorization for Release of Medical Records Form and send both by standard USPS mail to the following address.
    Medical Records Fulfillment
    PO Box 550748
    Houston, TX 77255 

    You may also fax to (281) 758-8316

    If you choose to communicate via email for any part of this process, please use to do so. Do NOT send medical records related information to any other support email.

  4. Once the signed form is received, you will be provided with a secure link where you will be able to provide payment.
  5. Please allow 15 days for processing your request from the date VeriTrust receives a signed release and proper identification.

If you have any questions, you may contact us at (713) 263.9000 or at

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